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music video for the album SUPERHUMAN

When the album “SUPERHUMAN” by Martin Tillman, a world-renowned cellist and composer, came out I instantly fell in love with the meaning behind it. What does it mean to be a SUPERHUMAN? To me, it means generosity, kindness, and possessing a grand spirit. It means to redefine oneself and keep going even when circumstances are adverse, even if hope hardly flickers at the end of the tunnel. It means that imagination and art could substitute the lost true beauty of the world and could take us on the wings of dreams and imagination to the places which have become out of reach.
In the piece “UNLOCKING THE LOCKS”  by Martin Tillman, I could feel this power – that breath from within and the limitless possibilities of life. Yet also the moments of struggle, the frozen pain and anger. To me, it was clear that “UNLOCKING THE LOCKS” is an ode to TRUE LOVE.
I was burning with desire to portray my feelings about this stunning musical journey into a visual form.
As a form of expression, I choose drawings. Drawing is my way to invent a new world. To make a film in stop-motion demands thousands of drawings. It’s kind of a meditation: to draw the same hand again and again, just slightly different each time so that it moves. It allows me the time to think about the meaning behind a hand, the meaning behind a gesture. In the video, the human gestures and caring touches give life to the frozen and still body.
My video is dedicated to Eva Tillman, who inspired Martin to compose the album “SUPERHUMAN”. Whose zest for life and ability to love inspires many of us bystanders.

From Eva Tillmann

I and Katharina have never met, spoken, nor emailed one other. We are however friends on Facebook. She lives in Barcelona, Spain. One day, I received a Vimeo link and a password to a video. It turned out to be Katharina’s artistic interpretation of “Unlocking the Locks”. It is hard to make me cry, but I could not stop while I watched the icy surface of pain and fright melt under the touch of kindness and love.
We live in a very challenging world. It is mostly made of average, repetitive moments. Some of us are happy now and then, as the fleeting wings of happiness brush against our souls.  Some of us are challenged beyond comprehension and logical reason. We try to go on despite and because of it all. We do our best to survive.
Once in w while, a human gesture comes from the most unexpected place and opens a light, breathy space in our souls. It gives us this “Aha!” moment. It makes us believe that we are all interconnected, that the current of certain positive energy exists and is passed on as a lighting torch of hope.
I would like to thank Katarina for sending me this sign of humanity and would love nothing more that her kindness, generosity and ability to move human spirit be shared by all who are like minded.

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