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 film 35mm Dolby SR 6 min  © 2004


The film  fragments of destruction is a journey through the facades of empty houses. The chosen space is shown as an organic, moving element. Vegetation takes the floors and walls back, broken pieces (mortar, bricks, walls and falling blocks) form natural sculptures as time passes. In its esthetics, the film translates both the feeling of abandonment and loss as well as decaying organic beauty. The film ends with the view of the only apartment that kept its function of living space. Shot on the banc titre, the film is on the border between a cinematic and a photographic work, questioning still standing time and transformation.
The soundtracks are based on  a human voice.  They reconstruct the
spatial character of the sites through processes involving reverberation and tuning of frequencies.

Credits | Sideny Corbett | Le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains | The United Clutch Fondation

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