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35mm copie 2K HD 9min © 2012

The architectural heritage in Syria is particularly impressive. It evokes the feeling that each site has its own importance in terms of historical architecture and is filled with memories. The proximity of ruins everywhere, modern buildings, abandoned construction sites and squatted ruins gave me the feeling of living in a world where the concept of time as we know it does not apply

The sound of DAVID TRESCOS is the story of this film: a story of crumbling,  falling apart and, in the end, the story of new birth. Shot on the bench-title with a high contrast black/white film, each image is corresponding to a specific sound. The pictures consist of re-filmed architectural photographs shot in Syria: Palmyra, Malula, Bosra, and Damascus.
A journye through the first civilizations, in the strict sense of people living in cities. The film is dedicated to Tamer al-Awam, a Syrian filmmaker and activist I had the chance to meet in Berlin. He was killed in 2012 during while working in Aleppo.

Credits // Le Fresnoy / Jeremy Courmont / Jean René Lorand / The United Clutch Fondation / Cultures France

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